Tomorrow will be extra special.

Tomorrow, on International Women day, we release our Sisterhood Collection. It feels extra special this time as we have put further thought into this project.

End of summer 2017, Kristin and I spoke about wanting T-shirts in our store. We had few thoughts and design ideas. Then over lunch we started to put thoughts into action, lucky us to have a friend who is a design illustrator. GREAT! Lots of love to you Jennie! You helped to make it happen !
One day later we visited Jennys studio, she had few sketches of our ideas and it was love at first sight!

We have been in India a few times now and have seen many poor women. WE NEEDED TO START A PROJECT! With a damn good cause! Time to take action – The Sisterhood collection was born.

The whole Autumn there has been so much truth regarding #metoo. Peoples incredible pain has now become general knowledge after so many brave women spoke up about their horrific experiences.

These are some of the reasons why we wish to help women and children in need.
Yesterday we met the three ladies behind Kvinnojouren i Varberg  
Starting from tomorrow – with every purchase from our Sisterhood Collection 10% of the profits will be donated directly to them.

Head over to Kristin to read about her own story, thanks for sharing. You are a very brave and strong woman!
More information tomorrow about this subject and how you can make a difference!
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4 thoughts on “Tomorrow will be extra special.

  1. Det här initiativet gör mig varm ända in i hjärteroten. Så jäkla viktigt och fint att ni använder era plattformar för att göra skillnad. På riktigt. Bra jobbat och heja er! ❤️

    1. Stort tack! vad fint att du delar med dig! känns extra speciellt att få gehör från ditt intiativ! TACK!