Days spent at FGL Store

Still a bit unreal to have your own place, like FGL Store. We’re so in love. Everytime we sit and work in the store we always say how lucky we are to have this place!
The energy you get from being there is great. Must be the blue colour, or something in the walls.

FGL is our baby, the feed back we get is massive – thanks to our great costumers.
It means a lot.
From the start to the finish line, products are made with so much love and respect in Jaipur, we are very proud to be selling such beautiful things. Slow fashion as it’s best.

As creative producers, passionate about mother earth, it is a privilege to promote ethical choices without sacrificing quality or esthetic.

We wanna create a basic wardrobe that lasts for a long time.
Not something you throw away after few months because you are tired of it..

We need to re think when it comes to consumption in our everyday life.
When being conscious about the small things, you soon make big difference in the long run.
Almost all our interior in FGL is vintage. Weekly visits to the vintage shops have filled our shop with all the furniture we need.

Do you have tips regarding being conscious? I’m happy to hear all about it,Β  sharing is the best.

All the best,


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