a winters day

Jetlag slowly disapearing, the mornings are the worst.
My Monday was a good one, got a lot of things done. Always working with a to-do list so I don’t forget anything. But! In all the hurry yesterday I seemed to forget some important papers in the local super market!
Luckily it’s a small village and a kind soul sent me a message regarding my bank paper that was left in a trolley, hahha! oppss.

Right now I’m listening to Mogli on repeat. Feel in love in with her music when watching the documentery  Expedition Happiness on Netflix,  A must see according to me.

My best purchase from Los Angeles, The Future is yours- sweater. The blooming dress is coming this spring in FGL Store.

Our Sisterhood collection will be released this week. Today we’re meeting up with 3 women who are working for change. Our collection will support that cause. So excited for this coming project!

Found Mini eating away on the apples I left outside for our birds, I have lots of bags in the barn with fruit I saved from work. Perfect to put out in each corner – the wild birds enojoy it as well.

Our hens don’t like this weather at all. They longing for the spring now, I can only agree. I keep telling them spring is on it’s way. Cheer up!



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8 thoughts on “a winters day

  1. Åh vad lustigt! Jag såg expedition happiness i lördags och blev heeeeelt såld i hennes musik och har lyssnat konstant sedan dess, kände inte till henne innan!

  2. I already love your blog! And the fact that you are writing in english, so good 🙂

    All the best for your sisterhood -shirt- release!

    (And: I feel your hens! We need spring NOW)

    1. so happy to hear that! it´s great for me too, cause I need to practise on my writing. Thanks for leaving a comment! have a good day!