Missing the sun already..


Stuck at Heathrow airport due to snow blizzard all over the U.K.
About 24 hours ago I was lead under a blue sky updating my last blog post.

I really really love a warm climate.
Howbout you? what do you prefer? any tip on how to survive the long winters in Sweden? I struggle every year.
Starring out the window now and it´s the greyest grey.

I am over the moon of how many visitors I had these past days, it means a lot! You are now my colleagues, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here.
Is there anything special you want me to write about ?

I will update you with stories from our home, the renovation we’ve been through, our lovely ladies (the chickens) Yes, I’m a crazy chicken lady.
Next week I will fix up our walk in closet into a office so I will share all about the process .
Off course there will be many behind the scenes of our lovely FGL Store too.

It’s been great spending some time in L.A the past few weeks, thanks to everyone who made it very special! See you soon,




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