Welcome to my life

Hi, almost a week ago I slowly started to update my site to be able to share some stories with you before I introduced myself.
I’m currently in LA for work. Had a few days off to hang out with lovely friends.
Very blessed to have friends all over the world. That’s  why I’ve choosen to write in English to reach out to many more of you, my friends and family, you’re all over our gorgeous world.

Photo credit: Kristin Lagerqvist

I’m 34, living in a house just outside Varberg with my boyfriend Jacob and our six hens.
I drive an old Volvo which I love cause in the summer we make it into a camper van.

If I had to discribe myself, I would say I see the positive  rather than the negatives. Animals fill my heart except for spiders!
Favourite food is lebanese. Choosing to eat greens for the health benefits and empathy of the animals.
I tend to work alot and always have been, I love being busy! Stress comes when I don´t know what´s next.
Days spent on the sea that’s my happy place. It calms me.  I’d rather sunbathe than swim because I don’t like to be cold.
Ever since I was tiny I always had a strong need to do things myself. ( a can do attitude from early on)  Mum told me when I was five she wanted to clean my room, but I told her off and she was not allowed anymore.
Started cooking food early on too,  thanks to that I was a chef for over 15 years.
Guessing the description  ‘creative weirdo’ suits me.
I’m never completly satisfied, could be that who drives me forward. Also curiosity.

So for now, being one of the owners of FGL store, designer, model, influencer and a storyteller, that should keep me busy!

Happy you made it this far, hope you will enjoy following me here.
Extra thanks to my partner in crime Kristin who encouraged me to take this step. 





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25 thoughts on “Welcome to my life

  1. wooOoot wooOoot..!

    så fint och inspirerande och
    varmaste blått r e d a n..!
    all lycka till Dig, vackra människa,
    – & spännande resa..!


    1. yeeeezzz finally here! Tack raring! Tycker allt vi måste få till att ses irl snart! Ha finaste helgen, kram! x